Looking for A Roofing Contractor In Your Area?

As a solar panel producer and installer, we spend quite a bit of time on our clients' roofs. Do you need roof replacement or repair services in El Paso, TX? Our expert roofing contractor team of can patch up damage or outfit you with an entirely new roof if required.

Solar Kings has been a trusted roofing contractor in the El Paso, TX area for nearly a decade. Our services are insured and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Prepare Your Home For Solar Panels

Are you getting ready to install solar panels on your home? Your roof should be fully inspected and prepared to ensure that your solar panels will work as efficiently as possible.

There are several reasons to use our roof contractor team before installing panels, including:

  • Age - most solar panels are built to last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. Is your roof ready to last that long, as well? A roof replacement is sometimes necessary to ensure the protection of your solar panels.
  • Shade - darkness is the enemy of your solar panels. Anything like tree limbs or obstructions that produce shade will slow the efficiency of your energy production.
  • Stability - solar panels can be fairly heavy depending on how many you plan to install. Your roof needs to be prepared to handle the weight and may require repairs or replacement.

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