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Are you tired of energy bills siphoning away your money? Break free from the status quo. A rising number of people throughout the country are enjoying the benefits of solar energy to power their home. Do your part to reduce your impact on the environment while also outfitting your home for the future.

Solar Kings is the leading solar panel company in the El Paso, TX area. We've been in the solar energy market just shy of 10 years, and we've been locally owned and operated from the start. Solar energy is our passion, and we're proud of the loyal customer base we've grown.

Trust the local experts to set you up for the future with solar energy installation. Call (915) 300-8944 today to speak with a trained representative about solar panel systems.


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Long-Term Solar Benefits


If your solar energy system can provide more energy than what you need to power your own home, you could actually receive a check rather than a bill from your local utility company drawing the excess energy from your solar panels. When a utility company negotiates with you to pay you for the extra energy you’re producing, it’s called net metering. Over time, this could add up to be a significant amount of money and would allow your solar power system to pay for itself eventually. 

Solar Installers You Can Trust


Leading Provider of Rooftop Solar Panels & Installations - Get Free Quote & Save. 25-Year Total Warranty. Excellent Customer Care. Lower Electric Bill. Free Quote. Brands: Enphase, LG, SolarEdge, PV Quick Mount, Unirac, BenQ.  

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More than 30% of our new customers are referred to us by satisfied customers. 

Why We're A Star in the local energy market

Solar Kings has grown into the premier solar panel company serving the entire El Paso, TX region. There are a number of reasons you should turn to us for your solar energy solutions, including: 

  • Everything done in-house from sale to installation
  • A free concierge line to ask questions about any part of our process
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • No money down

Choose a solar panel company making a big difference in the local El Paso, TX area. Contact us today or use our free concierge line to answer any questions you might have.

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